Hanmadang Saturday 18 May 2013

Hanmadang Saturday 18 May 2013

18 May 2013 Hanmadang Results 

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The traditional Hanmadang – a technical festival of Korean Martial Arts – has at its core purpose to encourage, nurture and challenge the pursuit of excellence in the many disciplines of the traditional Korean Martial Arts. Children, teenagers and adults can do amazing things when they apply themselves in an environment that focusses on excellence. It’s amazing to see some members kicking above the height of 2.4metres, scoring over 10 points in the technical breaking and achieving scores of over 8 in traditional poomse at our traditional Hanmadang. Our ancient forefathers would have been proud, as no doubt our Grand Master Sung Soo Lee is, of the students of Taekwondo and Hapkido at this Martial Arts Brisbane based academy – Factor10.

In all there are 10 unique disciplines of the traditional Hanmadang held at Factor10 Martial Arts. They are:

1.  Traditional Taekwondo individual Poomse
2.  Traditional Hapkido individual Poomse
3.  Traditional Pairs Poomse
4.  Individual Self Defence
5.  Creative Self Defence
6.  Creative Poomse
7.  High Kick
8.  Fly Side Kick
9.  Technical Timber Board Breaking
10. Concrete Tile Power Breaking

These uniquely developed 10 events are designed with one thing in mind, and that is to develop the most all round Martial Artist possible .  The term “All Round” is used to describe the wholistic approach Facor10 Martial Arts has to developing the most extraordinary Martial Arts athlete.  In focusing on the four black belt qualities we aim to develop and nurture speed, power, intensity and balance.  Through these four black belt qualities the scientific elements of fitness and covered, namely: strength, power, speed, muscle endurance, cardio vascular endurance, flexibility, balance and agility.

Whilst all these elements are not specifically required in order to complete any one of the Factor10 Hanmadang events, for example Cardio Vascular endurance, the Martial Arts athlete needs to develop a high level of cardio vascular endurance in order to be able to sustain themselves across a day when competing for an overall rating in the Hanmadang.  In order to compete for an overall rating, the competitor needs to complete all 10 events and attain the highest overall positiion across all 10 events compared to any other athlete seeking an overall ranking.

Training in preparation for the Hanmadang traditional Martial Arts festival of technical excellence is first and foremost on the minds of Hanmadang athletes at Factor10 Martial arts.   Martial Arts Brisbane based clubs and Academies strive to parallel the training techniques that lead to such extraordinary performances like those seen at the event held exclusively at Strathpine Brisbane Australia.


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